Don’t like cold, dark and rainy days?
During autumn and winter you’d prefer not to leave the house most of the time?
Tired of working more than ever?
Dreaming of a moment of relaxation?
Discover the colors of the latest collection of Nail Polish "for long autumn evenings".
Enter into a perfect mood and feel comfortable with a "glass" of your chosen color:

Merlot – with cherries, plums and chocolate "aroma”
Syrah – with blackcurrant, pepper, tar and smoke "aroma”
Zweigelt – with cherries "aroma”
Saperavi – with cherries and grapes "aroma”
Pinot Noir – with raspberries, cherries and plums "aroma”
Zinfandel – with spices and forest fruits "aroma”
Montepulciano – with cherries, plums and blackberries "aroma”
Tempranillo – with raspberries with a delicate spicy note "aroma”
Nebbiolo – with cherries, violets and roses "aroma”

Celebrate those moments during joyful meeting with friends or alone, while sitting comfortably in a chair, covered with a warm blanket, with the sounds of your favorite music, reading a book - you feel great in your own company - more neat and more beautiful ...

The Mollon Pro Nail Lacquer consists of a collection of very durable, quick-drying nail lacquers. The lacquer formula is enriched with hardener that extends lacquer durability up to 7 days. High quality components ensures ideal consistency of lacquer.
Professional brush perfectly spreads nail polish on the nail plate. Does not create streaks. To increase the nail polish durability
use Base Coat Nail Repair, then two layers of Nail Lacquer and Top Coat Quick Dryer.
3Free – free from toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.