Exfoliating & Regenerating Socks
Professional exfoliating socks from FC SYNERGY line is the product dedicated for beauty salons as well as for persons performing care treatments individually at home. Concentrated serum, in which the socks are soaked, intensely exfoliates accumulated, dry, and thickened epidermis, visibly improving foot skin condition.

Product properties

Socks perfectly and safely exfoliate rough foot epidermis, damaged skin, remove calluses and corns.
Socks are made of soft and delicate in touch white foil, and the interlining placed in the middle is soaked in concentrated serum.
Ingredients contained in the serum not only very effectively remove accumulated epidermis, but also nourish, regenerate and long-lastingly moisturize foot skin.
After the treatment feet are thoroughly moisturized, refreshed, while skin condition is visibly improved.


Directions for use
1. Remove the socks from the sachet and cut them along the line cutting off the seal.
2. Put the socks on the cleaned and dried foot. Peel off the protection from each sock and stick so that the product is fit to the foot.
3. To maintain the proper temperature and comfort during the treatment it is be best to wrap the foot with a towel or put on socks.
4. Depending on the thickness of the rough skin, leave the product on foot for approximately 90-120 minutes. After this time take the socks off and wash off the product residue with warm water. For the first 3-4 days after the treatment the skin is rough and overdried. During this time, do not support the exfoliation by the use of: graters, pumices, scrubs, etc.
5. Exfoliation of dead epidermis will start after approximately 4-7 days (time of exfoliation depends on the thickness of the rough epidermis before the treatment).

Active ingredients
Active ingredients
Lactic Acid
Lavender extract
Sophora Japonica root extract

Directions for use
The pack contains 1 pair of socks, 50 g.