EXTREME SMOOTH BASE COAT 1 fills inequalities and increases adhesion of Extreme Vernis Color Coat 2.

Mollon PRO EXTREME 3 STEPS VERNIS is an innovative, 3-phase varnish system for nail styling. Thanks to the formula that contains polymers, the system is cured with natural light. It enables exceptional shine and up to 10 days durability. Applied like classic nail lacquer, removed with regular acetone remover, without the need to make compresses.
Extreme Smooth Base Coat 1 fills irregularities of the nail plate and increases adhesion of the color coat. Extreme Vernis Color 2 is extremely flexible, fast-drying and richly pigmented, giving an intense color after just the first color layer. The modern and cutting-edge technology Extreme Top Coat Gloss 3 accelerates drying time of styling, extends its durability and gives an extreme shine effect.