Appreciating the achievements of women over the last hundred years and perceiving the demands made in the 21st century, we have created a new collection - DIVA for the autumn-winter 2017/2018 season. This carefully selected palette of colors - is a tribute to contemporary woman. Observing the changes in her attitude and expectations as well as the attempt to find her own place in the world, we assigned the features of the Contemporary Women to our colors:

Confidence – strong-minded, with strong character, aware of its value and advantages
Independence - strong, independent, able to fight for their own, taking the challenges
Sensuality - wanting to be within the reach of male glances, stimulating imagination
Ambition - motivated, improves her knowledge and develops to reach what she dreams of and what she desires
Attractiveness - beautiful, full of irresistible charm, seen in anonymous crowd, dreaming of delight in the beloved person’s eyes
Emancipation - fulfilling its own aspirations, taking professional life as a source of fulfillment and independence

Discover our new collection and create perfect manicure ideally composed with the character.
Because DIVA is in every woman!


  • flexible polish-gel formula
  • 2 thin layers of color provide 100% coverage
  • strengthens the nail plate, protects it against cracking and breaking
  • system cured in a UV/LED/CCFL lamp
  • doesn’t shrink during curing
  • a flat brush ensures ease and precision during application
  • up to 3 weeks’ durability
  • formula customized to a natural nail plate
  • for professional use