Mollon PRO Monophase UV/LED Vernis is an elastic one-step lacquer, a revolution in natural nail styling using the light-hardening method. The new generation of photoinitiators enables polymerisation of lacquer in both UV and LED lamps that shortens the time of making stylization. Monophase is a durable stylization that does not require use of base coat and top coat – NO BASE COAT, NO TOP COAT, ONLY COLOR. Immediate dry manicure effect. Monophase is safe for natural nail plates, prepared according to the formula ‘3Free’ - containing no formaldehyde, toluene or DPB.


■ Nail lacquer formula
■ Hardening in a UV or LED lamp
■ No base coat, no top coat, only color
■ No washing after hardening in a lamp
■ Does not shrink under the lamp
■ Instant dry manicure effect
■ Intense, long-lasting color in two thin layers
■ Does not dye the natural nail plate
■ Long-lasting lacquered manicure: up to 10 days
■ Fast and non-invasive removal in 3 minutes

Recommended for natural nail plates. Can also be used with other styling methods such as gel or acrylic. Use of a professional flat brush enables easy application of color. Because of the immediate dry nails effect, the product is perfect for pedicure stylizations as well.

Dermatologically tested.
Contraindications for use: hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use if an allergic reaction, or a sensation of burning or pain occur.

Note! Some components of the preparation may cause allergic reaction in case of long-drawn use. In case of irritation, stop using the product.