Regenerating & Long - Lasting Hydrating Gloves Soaked in Concentrated Serum
Professional regenerating gloves from HC SYNERGY line is the exceptional product with the beneficial composition supporting hand skin renewal. Concentrated serum, in which the gloves are soaked, eliminates epidermis dryness, roughness and exfoliation. The product is the response to the needs of beauty salons, as well as for customers who prefer to perform treatments at home.

Gloves soothe, regenerate and calm hand skin. Bring immediate alleviation to dry and damaged hand skin, exposed to frequent action of external factors.
Gloves are made of soft and delicate in touch white foil, and the interlining placed in the middle is soaked in concentrated serum.
Ingredients contained in the serum not only very effectively rebuild damaged epidermis, but also improve hand skin density and elasticity. Support nail plate regeneration.
One pack contains 3 pairs of gloves!
Thanks to the perforation on fingertips, the gloves are adjusted to performing manicure during the treatment.
After the treatment hands are thoroughly moisturized, smooth and delicate.


Directions for use:
1. Tear the gloves in the place of the connecting line. Put them on the washed and dried hands.
2. Leave for approx. 15-20 minutes. If manicure is performed during the treatment, leave for approx. 5-7 min to soften the cuticles.
3. Tear the fingertips at the perforation and perform the manicure.
4. After the treatment take the gloves off.
5. Complete the treatment with a gentle massage until full absorption of the active substances into skin.
5. Effect: ideally smooth, neat hand and perfect manicure.

Active ingredients

Collagen, betaine, urea
Argan oil
Rose Centifolia petals extract
Sweet orange extract
Lime fruit extract

The pack contains 3 pairs of gloves x 21 g.