Gel De Constraction UV/LED – fully professional gels for nail extention hardened in UV, LED and CCFL lamps. New acid-free formula of gel is based on monomers with increased adhesion. Self-leviling gels are easy to apply and create „C” curve, they give the possibility to create natural-looking styling, thin and very durable. Medium-thick consistency of gel is perfect for beginners and for professional nail technitians while building nails of different shapes and making light-hardening decoration.

  • Professional gel from three-phase system
  • Self-leveling, medium-thick consistency
  • Acid-free and odor-free
  • Has perfect adhesion
  • Easy to create the shape using nail file
  • No aeration effect, does not chip
  • Small amount of photoiniciators gives less warm while hardening gel in the lamp
  • Color stability is ensured by non-yellowing formula and UV filters
  • Elastic formula of gel –gives possibility to create tunnel on the template
  • Does not shrink during hardening
  • Wide range of colors gives possibility of natural nail color correction

The three-phase system of building gel consists of the UV base coat, medium-thick self-levelling UV gel and UV top coat. The system is extremely durable and gives a perfect shine. Five basic colors give a possibility to create classic nail styling.